WARLOCK,What A Buck!!WARLOCK is so sweet,so gentle,so nice-put him in with does-he is a buck!-all business!WARLOCK was born 4-7-15,compact muscle,there are no wasted lbs on him-he is SOLID! WARLOCK had a ww of 84lb and has been a steady grower since,I haven't noticed sudden growth spurts-he just keeps getting bigger and BETTER,love that!WARLOCK has had very little grain in his life-all forage.WARLOCK will stand up for himself but he seem to  prefer to just get along!I cant wait to see the kids that we get from WARLOCK in the spring with some of DIABLO's doelings,I believe this will be an excellent match!-kids have arrived and they are ALL we have hoped for! So far we have 9 Warlock kids,7 doelings/4 bucklings-