DIABLO is our main Herd Sire at 3 years old he weighs 205lbs and still surprises me with growth spurts and good weight gain. He is on a forage only diet(with minerals)  in the summer,with ready access to hay and forage in the winter.He has excellent feet and parasite resistance.DIABLO has always been an easy keeper in pasture,woods,drinking from creeks and sleeping under the stars.In the heaviest of rains this summer he and the other bucks would either shelter under a tree( even though they have access to run-ins) or just as likely continue with their browsing without a care. DIABLO IS a lady's man-even a cuddler with his girls!Guests at the farm are always impressed with DIABLO's good looks and gentle demeanor and friendliness.He is generally a pleasure to work with!(a HUGE plus!!)DIABLO has been siring strong,healthy,good sized(all his kids have had excellent(and better) weaning weights(doelings avg 46lb,bucklings 60lb) kids that have thrived!DIABLO's ratio of bucklings to doelings is 65%...77% in 2016(spring) with fall kids coming soon!!!All of DIABLO's bucklings thus far have been sold as breeding sires and I expect to be seeing more from these fine young bucks!Quite a few of DIABLO's daughters have been retained and some are bred to WARLOCK for purebred spring kids.These daughters of DIABLO's have had excellent conformation,health,& have been good mothers with excellent udders!I had the pleasure of seeing DIABLO's dam when I purchased him and was very impressed with her build/beauty,I am very pleased that he is passing on exceptional quality to his daughters!