ZVA WARLOCK'S SANTANA triplet buckling brother to SINBAD - Almost named him Elvis-there is just something about him,he is built like WARLOCK-solid!ww 45lb by ZVA WARLOCK x ZVA DIABLO'S TRINIDAD for proposed pedigree see SINBAD

ZVA WARLOCK'S BIG BAD JOHN has all the ingredients of a Super Buck! Strong and well put together with a smooth coformation and the friendly easy manners of his sire and his dam.His dam was the fastest growing doeling ever on our farm reaching 140lb at a year!A first timer she brought BBJ to his 90 day ww of 66 lb...by ZVA WARLOCK x ZVA DIABLO"S NOKOMIS(DIABLO x SUNDANCE)

ZVA WARLOCK'S SINBAD taller of the Warlock triplet bucklings(#3 is a doeling)These bucklings are eye catching and a pleasure to look at!ww 48lb ZVA WARLOCK x DIABLO'S TRINIDAD for proposed NKR pedigree sire: N15M0004ZVA0...dam: N15F0008ZVA6.

ZVA DIABLO'S RONDEVEAUX - This buckling just exudes strength,out of a doe that has impacted herd greatly as I have retained so many of her daughters(this is only her 2nd buckling)RONDEVEAUX is big and LOOKS even bigger! ww 66.2  for NKR proposed pedigree sire:N14M0034FAFA2...dam N13F0046TRF4

ZVA WARLOCK'S MOWGLI...WOW! - The width on this buckling Is Impressive,Very friendly,gentle,good natured,going to make someone an Excellent Herdsire! ww 59lb by ZVA WARLOCK x ZVA DIABLO'S JEZABEL for NKR proposed pedigree sire: N15M0004ZVA0...dam : N16F0013ZVA1

ZVA WARLOCK'S BLACK MEDALLION-This linebred WARLOCK buckling reminds me so much of WARLOCK with potential to even surpass his sire! ww 66.5 for NKR proposed pedigree sire: N15M0004ZVA0...dam: N15F0002ZVA2.


ZVA DIABLO'S DOC HOLLIDAY...1/2 brother to WARLOCK on dam side,DOC is out of a strong,meaty doe,he is a full brother to my doe NOKOMIS-she was 140lb at a yr!-there are GREAT genes here! ww 53 for NKR proposed pedigree sire: N14M0034FAFA2...dam: N13F0067TRF0


ZVA WARLOCK'S ARAMIS is the top weighing Purebred buck of his group and likely the year at 68lb! Stunning color and the length to put him at top weight. Great color & conformation! for NKR proposed pedigree sire:N15M0004ZVA0...dam : N15F00032ZVA6