ZVA EVZONE'S STALLONE twin(first timer) ww 44 -STALLONE comes from thick goats with good width and is fulfilling that promise,good looking young buck with Excellent pedigree with some linebreeding of HOBO/PANGO lines(bringing all of that great width and thickness!)  $700

​ZVA DIABLO'S GLADERUNNER is a twin,ww 54      Exciting pedigree with a sire and a dam that have been great producers for us with strong,fast growing kids   $850.00

ZVA MAGER HOOLIGANS is a single from a first timer ww 52.He is going to Really buff up somebodies herd-he isThick from top to bottom- one only need to look at his sire DRK MAGER to see all of this young bucks potential         $1200.00

ZVA RIO'S CAVALIER twin(first timer) ww 45 Nice smooth buckling developing quite a build,nice flashy speckles that he will pass on to his kids    $700

ZVA SWEET GEORGIA BOY twin(out of first timer) ww 51  He has a big frame,well boned and a nice muscular buck,a gentle,easy going personality,he is a dream to work with-with his outstanding pedigree this buck has a lot to offer!   $800.00

ZVA TOUGH'S ICEMAN triplet ww 40 this buckling is a powerhouse born the smallest triplet he has been gaining ground and passing by his peers ever since!Lots of color in his background including blue(and he does have dark pigment)    $700.


ZVA MAGER'S MIDAS twin(first timer) ww 44..MIDAS is starting to show who his daddy is and developing nice muscling and rump-it is exciting to watch him coming in to his own!_very sweet personality for someone looking for a friendly,easy going buck... $700